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Club Spares

As a result of unforeseen circumstances, the club has temporarily reduced the Spare Parts Service provided.

Until further notice, the Club is happy to receive enquiries and orders about sourcing parts from the UK.  Please contact Neville and Jenny Falconer via email [email protected].

For those who have ordered parts or recently sent an email enquiring about parts, please contact the Club Secretary to discuss options.

The Club has negotiated great deals with a number of stag part suppliers. We have a good inventory of parts available so we're able to respond quickly to your orders. Supported by experienced stag restorers, if you've got questions, just ask!

New parts list - prices and inventory correct as of 23 August 2020

Parts for sale

Originally purchased from the club but not used and now the Stag is sold.

  • Pair of Payne head gaskets. Genuine article, Part # GEC3305PAYEN  -  $150

  • Distributor Cap - brand new, still in it's box. Part # 521009   -  $30

Prices excluding shipping.

Please contact Chris Leith on 021 217 7140 or email [email protected]